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Music Video: “Dig Down” (Muse)

Bhitov Journal – 07/16/2017

Bhitov once knew penguin warrior much like girl in video.  Warrior also have metal leg, but warrior leg not nice like girl leg.  Warrior’s leg just short metal spike.  Warrior claim that spike better because it stick to ice-snow.  Bhitov not sure about that, but Bhitov know that things that try to eat warrior instantly regret when metal spike stab mouth… (~v~)


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Video: “Hot Wheels Stunt Race” (Mark Rober)

Bhitov Journal – 07/07/2017

Kaw kaw kaw!  Bhitov remember playing with Hot Wheel toy found on ice-beach after great-storm. It was shaped like death-shark, but with wheels.  Scared Bhitov’s hatch-sister, but Bhitov brave, played with often!  Bhitov had much-fun playing in snow, making secret hideouts, road-caves, and streets to drive on.  

Kaw kaw kaw.  Yes.  Good memories this. (^v^)


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